Saturday, 11 May 2013

Officially 21st


So many people say you’re weak. You need to be strong. Nobody says you’ve been to strong, you just need to hold on.



Yay, I know I can’t waste my time on this anymore, there is a plenty of assignment and task that need to be done but it doesn’t hinder me from wasting my time online and goofing here and there. Ehehe

So what’s happen girl, I planned to write this a long time ago, but I haven’t got ample time to do it so now I’m gonna share with you all, the beautiful life that I have been through during 21 years in this world. Yes dude. I’m officially 21. I’m a big big girl in this big world. Hurrrayy!  I wish I can really shout it out what I’m going through so that you guys could know but humph it’s not easy as you think.

You might see me as a strong girl but yeah to be a strong girl in others people eyes not might easy as who do you think you are. You may lie to your friends your parents your teachers but you are prohibited to do that to yourself. Why, because it’s sounds too stupid if you know that the thing is the reality yet you still believe that’s just imagination. How you may lie to yourself, sometimes it’s about your feeling. The feeling that you’re the happiest person in this world but actually you’re not.  Uhuks.

Sometimes the truth is quite hurtful. When you hope something and at the end of it'll make you become hurt more and more, you will turn into despair. you know, life is just like that. It's not about what we want. Totally. How many times we pray and pray, if Allah doesn't approve it, it will turn into big amount of nothing, for He know what's the best for us. Even though this is quite awful, just make yourself crying. It's  didn't show that we are weak, but it means that for all this while we are strong enough to face it. *CLAP CLAP* We never know how strong we are unless strong is the only choice that we have. Whatever life gives you, even it is hurt you, just be strong and act you are okay with that. Things will get better, it might stormy now but it can't rain forever.

30 April had just passed a couple days ago. I got so many love and wish here and there. Yes, 21 years ago, 1.09 a.m., I am born as a small girl and grow up as a beautiful daughter in such a happy families and it’s beyond my imagination whom I could be 21 years later. Thanks God. Subhanallah.  Allah has brought me a lot of happiness or could I say as nikmat yang tak berbelah bahagi during that journey. Alhamdulillah.

HE gives me pain. And I felt dejected. Yet I still came back to HIM and I realize Allah purpose is to make me stronger than before.  Thank you people here and there who spend their time to send me a wish, even it’s just ‘HB’ or a long text and makes me tired to finish reading, I’m just grateful enough that you’re remembered me and sooo many thanks to people who pray for my safety, my well-being and everything beyond than that.


Thank you so much for everything. I know that I’m not a good person yet you still love me and for that, I pray may Allah grand you with Jannah. Give you lots of love. Stay calm. Laugh smile a lot and love each other’s until Jannah. 

Thank you Allah for make it real. The most powerful creator. Allah Allah Allah..  segala puji dan syukur hanya ku panjatkan padaMU ya Allah.. tempatkan aku di syurga Mu pada hari itu nanti. Restui perjalanan kehidupanku. Limpahkan aku dengan rahmat dan kasih sayang MU. Jangan Kau tinggalkan aku sedang Kau tahu aku akan lemah tanpa Mu di sisi. Hadiahkan aku dengan sahabat-sahabat solehah peneman diriku tatkala melangkah ke sana. Bantu aku untuk istiqamah mencintai dan merindui MU. Terimalah segala amal ibadatku. Ampuni segala dosa kedua orang tua yang kucintai. Permudahkan segala urusan kami. Berikan taufiq dan Hidayah MU buat seluruh ahli keluargaku. Hadirkan aku dengan pendamping yang baik dan soleh. Aku hanya sujud pada MU ya Rahman. Allah is the Greatest!!

currently I'm keeping an eye on one person, but I'm not a nutty as a fruitcake. saranghae.