Wednesday, 29 April 2015



I went up doing some works here and there. Well today as usual I began my work at office (currently I’m in internship period). With the same spirit as April is going to say a goodbye, I swear (in a good meaning) to publish three or maybe less entry before April is ended. I am doing task given passionately starting this morning (sebab banyak gila kena update nama dalam sistem) and here goes my sad story, when all the documents that I’m supposed   to finish by tomorrow is all gone. already 95% near to finish. I don’t know where it is hiding but I can’t remember at all whether I save my task before I go for lunch. Tulah selalu hyper lebih kalau dah pukul 1 Ya Tuhan. I was so sad.

Kalut. gelabah.

Well, a description of shy person surely will come out when people seeing me during their first time. People said I’m living in my own world. I do what I like and certainly beyond that. I sing whenever I feel like, I’m doing all sort of things whenever I feel like to do so. I didn’t really care what person thinks. I do have care but sometimes it’s too tired to handle people perception. so that's why sometimes I blur and quickly forgotten as today’s case.

So what should I do with my lost documents?

*Nangis dan buat balik esok pagi* HAHAHAHA

currently I'm keeping an eye on one person, but I'm not a nutty as a fruitcake. saranghae.

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