Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Youth come but once in a lifetime : dedicated to Siti Hajar Amir


Hai there. Yes you.

I am running right now. On my keyboard. Because today is my forever baby boo birthday and yet I didn’t even have a time to prepared anything special to her. Kenang kembali saat hari lahirku, terima kasih sayang. Your present was great. I didn’t even have an ability to compete with you in making people cry as a present muahaha  Oh nangis lelaju. I just came back from our class trip for this semester which taking a whole day and oh My God, today’s schedule is full you know and soo tired and while I’m laughing with my friend seriously I am thinking what should I do what should I do, what should I give to her, oh really I didn’t have anything k sumpah sedih

Dear kakak hajar, my forever anak buah sulung tetap akan jadi anak buah bongsu sebab tahap berkepit dia tu lain macam sikit. Forever. Yes forever. Sehingga nyawa moknaa diangkat oleh Tuhan pemilik nyawa. Insya Allah.

Kakak, I wish you a fruit from every tree, I wish you much honey from the bee, I wish you a rainbow without rain, I wish and wish for you, my dear. I wish you a wish for every dream, I wish you were happy as you seem, I wish you love for all your way, I wish you just a great birthday. Hah, today is your birthday ahahah congratulations sanaelcukahammida !! my wish list is so long and long and long. I have you in my doa. I have you in my talk with Allah. K sebak. I just wish you have a great day today lady :)

To tell the world, you’re a friend that will always stands by my side, when moknaa are in trouble and broken inside. You’re a friend who will treats me with all the best and shines my day. That’s who you are. At least to me.  

May this 17th birthday teach you that any failure and depression, rejection, sorrow, hurt and pain are words that you should erase from the dictionary of your life. I am hoping that you never lose the strength in you. You are an amazing person and the best friend of mine. May Allah give you all HIS love and warmth in every step of yours.

Every time I fell, you pushed me up. You never left me miss a step, shed any tear and feel any fear. I believe I wouldn’t be the same without you. Not everyone in this world is blessed with an understanding, trustworthy, caring and loving person like you. You are not even my other half but I felt that you are the one lol. That is exactly why I consider myself so incredibly lucky in having you in my life.

I don’t know what is the best birthday present should I give you except my doa so that Allah will give you happiness, SPM straight A, rewards from Allah and enter the jannah, be a solehah daughter and remember our promise to be the one who will fight for the people who need their right. My lady, you are just an amazing girl.

Psst. I will. Just like what you said to me on my birthday, you’ll be there for me and yes I promise I will be there for you too.  Always.       


currently I'm keeping an eye on one person, but I'm not a nutty as a fruitcake. saranghae.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Seyogia : manusia punya banyak bicara dusta. Ini kisah karut tentang aku.


Batuk batuk sambil bersihkan habuk.

Termenung .

 Seriously I didn’t have any idea why I did spend some time to sit in front of my lappy. It has been 4 months. hmm is that long?  Sorry.  Err would sorry have made any difference, does it ever? Yes it’s just a word.  One words against a thousand actions. Why do girls always feel like they have to apologize for giving an opinion or taking up space in the world?

Well, I do feel some loneliness through 4 months before. I do felt my absence. Just because I had every right to feel sorry it doesn’t mean I took the opportunity to do so.

‘’This is only what life imparts
These deep silences within
Have been handed out to all by the time
Everyone’s story has a little sorrow
Everyone’s share has a little sunshine’’

But you know what I’m being sorry is having a words  to say when I know I should but I just can’t. My brain must have felt sorry for me, really. Why did I silence, did I just hate blogging which are include in the things that I adore most in my life?


You what?   Yes I did. Oh Girl. No !

I just lost hope on some things maybe, may I say a conflict with my inner thought and I need a space to deeply thinking about that? Yes, you may dear self.  It doesn’t change my status perhaps.   One of the greatest ever statement that can keep me at peace is that, “ Hi, I’m alright . I learn to value myself. How is that?  fight for my happiness. So I’m trying. Indeed. My happiness is only being with My Greatest Creator.  I trust in HIM. I am depending on HIM. Tuhan sekelian alam. Yang menciptakan baik dan buruknya aku. Yang menghadiahkan aku bahagia untuk mengajar aku rasa peritnya derita dan diberinya  aku sakit dan pedih untuk mengajar aku menghargai nikmatnya bahagia.

“Cukuplah Allah  menjadi penolong kami dan Allah adalah sebaik baik pelindung” Ali-Imran 173

 People always talk about how hard it can be to remember things but rarely talks about how much effort we put into forgetting.  

“maybe a sweet dream that you can’t forget
So close yet far-fetched
Causing you to float on the line
Between reality and fantasy
Haunted the nightmares
Love and hates, Driving me crazy
The blind arrows of piercing cold ice and warm melting heart
Tearing me apart”

“….tearing me apart…” Hlovate

When someone loves you, the way they say our name is different, the way they text us is different, the way they did everything with us all is different. I no longer believe in the idea of love or anything related with that.  Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold on to something the more it wants to get away.

Err what do I cover today? Nothing. 


Okay, let me stories some of my progress.

 I just read 2 malay novel which means, it has been 2 or 3 years that I hate to read malay novel. So lets clap.  oh don’t make a big deal. I have so many collection of Lejen Press malay novel in my wardrobe .  I am kwangsoo hard die fan. Once in a week. (only) Not a really hard die fan lah. I got 3 niece/nephew for this year. Hijjaz, qisya and Afif. . okay.  I am waiting for the right time to make a review regarding my brother’s book “Travelog di bumi Dajlah”   And I didn’t find any suitable time yet cause I’m so bad at writing sad story.  It has been postpone so many times.sad due to emotional feeling when I'm reading that book. hmm 

what about my daily life?  errr.. yes, you may check it at my twitter.  Anything else?

I just did it ! hahaha

I just update my blog and write a post in 3 hour. Sambung ketawa.

Thankfully, tadi siang dah bergelumang dengan due date assignment. Cun betul sir, pakat nak hantar assignment on 30 April. suka.

“Being alone never felt right, sometimes it felt good but it’s never felt right”

Hamba mintak diri, Didahului dengan ucapan wassalam.  Dan semoga Allah menjaga kita dari jahatnya pemikiran dan perbuatan manusia lain.

currently I'm keeping an eye on one person, but I'm not a nutty as a fruitcake. saranghae.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My little Appreciation Dear AJKs


I can’t leave my previous entry just like that without giving my appreciation to these people. Cherish the times you have with people because when those times are gone all you'll have is memories. Alhamdulillah. I am glad to say after handling this program together, we became closer with each other.  One of the things you can give and will not cost you any money is friendship. One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention.  Alhamdulillah. I know why Allah choose us. Thank you dear darling. You guys give such a great efforts. 

The glory of friendship is not in the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor is the joy of companionship but it in the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him. Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. In fact I really like that about our friendship, no matter what happens we'll always keep in touch and support each other.  Believing the best about others, and offering time, support, and friendship shows the capacity for trust. To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts unexpressed that can make this life a garden.

Alhamdulillah. We did it girls ! we did it. 

Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not forget you. Appreciation will return to you many times. Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help. It is up to us to give ourselves recognition. If we wait for it to come from others, we feel resentful when it doesn't, and when it does, we may well reject it.  Truly appreciate those around you, and you'll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you'll find that you have more of it.  

Celebrating !!

And post mortem .. gulp !

Thank you all. I love you guys.<3

currently I'm keeping an eye on one person, but I'm not a nutty as a fruitcake. saranghae.

Malam kasih bersemi | Corporate Grand Gala Night


Alhamdulillah despite of having all the difficulties, I have managed to end this semester successfully. Thanks to Allah The only Merciful and The Greatest One.  And what we did right now is study all the time until the final exam. Just in case I got boring and watching Running man. Miahaha..

So how did we end this semester? Oh God ! Tuhan saja yang tahu apa yang berlaku sebelum study week period. All the pain and tears was coming out. Perrghh hiperbola sangat ayat ko bedah.

Pada suatu hari, datang satu perintah untuk segerombolan sahabat yang diarahkan untuk menganjurkan satu majlis besar besaran buat semua rakyat BCAR GENERATION sebut  bachelor of corporat admin and relation. Sebelum ni sahabat sahabat ni tahu akan ada satu majlis GRAND DINNER yang akan diadakan pada setiap tahun yang akan dihadiri oleh semua rakyat jelata dari adik bongsu kepada kakak sulung BCAR namun tidaklah pula menyangka yang tugas berat ini akan ditimpa ke atas bahu mereka.

Maka relek relek sajalah membayangkan diri akan memakai gaun dan suit yang anggun lagi kacak bergaya pada malam tersebut. Nah sekali disebut nama nama itu gulp !  dan of course dinner ini kami harus buat sehabis baik kerana matlamat utama adalah untuk meraikan senior kami yang akan menghabiskan semester terakhir di bumi USIM sebelum melangkah keluar ke dunia industri. Tahun ini kami meraikan tahun depan kami diraikan. Oh tua sudah ! batuk.  Maka golongan yang terpilih ini mulalah merangka dan menyedut segala maklumat dan info dan menyusun ahli jawatankuasa and here we goes. CORPORATE GRAND GALA NIGHT ! wiwiwi..

A big clap to the AJKs. They did a really good job. Indeed. Perjalanan mengharungi majlis ini memang terlalu lama dan banyak bagi aku dan sahabat sahabat yang lain. Walaupun orang kata alah organize dinner aja. Organize dinner aja? Wah dinner aja.. better do it on your own and feel how the process was before saying anything. The end.

Apa yang aku nak ceritakan di sini bukan sekadar bermegah dengan berjayanya menganjurkan GRAND DINNER yang besar malah aku nak sharing yang sekarang aku tahu kenapa Allah pilih aku untuk berada dalam organisasi ini. Wah sweet gituww. *muntah*

3 minggu. Kami diberi masa merancang segala galanya. It was so kelam kabut. Here and there yet we  has so many thing that need to settle. Aku sekretari ajee. Tulah aku kata banyak gila havoc yang jadi. Banyak gila.  Apalah nasib program ini dapat sekretari nanar macam haku. Sampai pada suatu hari aku diserang migrain sampai muntah muntah. Nah dek, ni hakak kau buat program untuk kau sampai macam ni tapi kau.. herrghh tergamaknya kauu. *okey done acting*

Too many incident and to many mistakes but we manage to handle it properly and till the last day preparing, everyone was so tired and didn’t get enough sleep. I was so sympathyze towards them. Reason sebab kesian sangat tuu adalah kerana sekretari punya kerja dah tak tahu nak buat kerja apa last last minute macam tu sebab kita punya kerja dah siap semua. Jadi sampai petang sebelum majlis tu pun bantai ternganga tidur even orang lain nak tercabut nafas bahahaha.. ops !  

Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.

Again alhamdulillah. Majlis was going smooth. Of course we are so afraid, sebab kami yang hina lagi dina ni bimbang akan merosakkan majlis but wooww unexpectedly majlis sangat berjalan lancar. Alah biasalah mistake satu dua, benda dah tak boleh nak elak.. well human cant be perfect everytime. yang kami raikan, our seniorita sangat berpuas hati dan terharu sebab mereka rasa malam itu adalah malam mereka. Dan kami pulak rasa nak terbaring tergolek keseronokan sebab matlamat nak buat mereka rasa tacink sampai tanak balik berjaya  [over sangat buat ayat] Syukur Allah. Allah permudahkan urusan kami. Dia lancarkan majlis kami. Syukur.

Tapi sesungguhnya apa yang aku nak cakap kat sini tak pernah lah aku jumpa makanan sesedap pastuu aku takda selera nak makan. Tapi malam tu errghh sampai sekarang terngigau lagi. Teringat ingat terbayang bayang makanan makanan tu terbang depan mata huuaaa.. its happen because the AJKs want the majlis to be perfect. Lantas selera hilang melayang layang. Mungkin sebab malam tu we was so kalut. Lari sana. Terkejar sini. Fuhh.

Dan itulah yang aku rasa happy sehingga sekarang ni, even kami penat letih stress lapar tapi bila tengok mereka yang pulang dengan senyuman, wah bahagia sampai ke bintang lols. 

Penat la nak cerita. Penat tau tak. Wah tetibe sangat. Nah. Lets picture do the talking yaww.

Lupa pulak nak kabar. Dinner kami bertempat di Mines Wellness Hotel, Serdang. Sebelah The Mines pujaan ramai. Perrghh scenery kat sana. Subhanallah. Jilat jari. Turun tangga aje Nampak tasik luas terbentang. Kalaulah aku ada gambar boleh tunjuk. Memang cantik kevavoom

Bangga pulak kita bila orang baca teks kita buat. Perasaan sangat.

Sorry it was SPAM. Tehee

Homaai. Nak pegi sekali lagi. Nak makan !

Looks at anwar’s face lols

Sayonara seniorita !

Sebenarnya banyak lagi nak story dan banyak lagi gambar nak dikongsi tapi malam makin larut dan diri semakin mengantuk. Sungguh. Banyaknya pengalaman yang aku dapat walaupun some people said DINNER AJE. Senyum. Mohon kengkawan dan readers yang mulia sekalian kalau adalah  doakan kejayaan aku dalam final exam ni. Tak banyak semester dah tinggal. Just a few more. Ttsskk.  Harap sangat dapat lakukan yang terbaik kali ni. Kali ni paper tak banyak Cuma 6 saja tapi semua subjek tough. Thank you for your prayer. Semoga Allah membalas yang baik baik saja untuk kita.

Hey you. Imissu ! 


currently I'm keeping an eye on one person, but I'm not a nutty as a fruitcake. saranghae.