Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What Have I Learned This Week : Vision and Mission

Assalamualaikum ..

Today, I would like to continue my posting regarding the Strategic Management Subject on the topic of vision and mission. Usually, in our life a person should have their own vision and mission to make sure that they have something they can rely on all the way to their success. The concept is same but it may be a bit different if a vision and mission is found in the firm’s goals.

A vision in the organization is a statement about what a firm wants to become. The purpose of having a vision in the company is to guiding and directing the company to the right way. It may be a powerful motivator to those in the company to achieve their vision. At first, developing a vision is considered as a first step in strategic planning process. An example of firm’s vision is “To become the best organization in the world”
Other than vision, an organization should have their mission. Mission is the purpose for the organization existence. It deals with the question such as “what is our business” or “why do we exist”. A mission is creating for applying and analysing the method of business of an organization. Mission statement can be carry out from answering the question such as who are the firms customer or is the firm using a latest technologies or where does the firm located or anything else related with firms components.

On that week, Dr Ummi asks us to answer online forum regarding what is the mission and vision in our life.  As for me, my vision is I want to be a good khaliph as I can enter the Jannah.  Vision is describing what I want to become, that vision can guide and shape me towards that direction. However, vision can be divided into short and long term vision. As for now, my short term vision is to finishing my studies at USIM with flying colours. A vision statement can be a simple and understandable. Having a good vision in my life for future can contribute me in formulating what I should do in order to achieve my goals.

While my missions are to become the best at everything I am doing. I need to become the best daughter to my family, to become the best citizen to my country, to become the best around my friends and to become the best in all sort of the things that I have to accomplish.  So the missions here are answering what I should do in order to make sure that I can achieve all my mission state above. It may include my strategies on what I want to become.

Considering having a vision and mission in someone life is the starting of developing the success in their life. Make sure to plan your way to a great life with having some descriptive of mission and vision. It will help you a lot. Good luck !

currently I'm keeping an eye on one person, but I'm not a nutty as a fruitcake. saranghae.

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