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What have I learned this week : case study of ROBIN HOOD

What have I learned this week was the case study of ROBIN HOOD. Before I go into conclusion, here is a brief explanation on what is ROBIN HOOD story is all about. Robin Hood is a good man, however he is doing a cruel job in helping the poor. Sheriff is his enemy. The revolt against the Sheriff had begun as a personal crusade, erupting out of Robin’s conflict with the Sheriff and his administration. He therefore sought allies, men with grievances and a deep sense of justice. Later he welcomed all who came, asking few questions, and only demanding a willingness to serve.

He spent the first year forging the group into a disciplined band, united in enmity against the Sheriff, and willing to live outside the law. The band’s organization was simple. Robin ruled supreme, making all important decisions. He delegated specific tasks to his lieutenants. Will Scarlett was in charge of intelligence and scouting. His main job was to shadow the Sheriff and his men, always alert to their next move. He also collected information on the travel plans of rich merchants and tax collectors. Little John kept discipline among the men, and saw to it that their archery was at the high peak that their profession demanded.

The increasing size of the band was a source of satisfaction for Robin, but also a source of concern. The fame of his Merry men was spreading, and new recruits poured in from every corner of England. The growing band was also beginning to exceed the food capacity of the forest. Game was becoming scarce, and supplies had to be obtained from outlying villages. The cost of buying food was beginning to drain the band’s financial reserves at the very moment when revenues were in decline. Travelers, especially those with the most to lose, were now giving the forest a wide berth. This was costly and inconvenient to them, but it was preferable to having all their goods confiscated.

In this case study, the key issue that has been pointed out was the economic imbalance between rich and poor as well as the political problem that has been faced by Robin Hood. Prince John was vicious and volatile. He was consumed by his unpopularity among the people, who wanted the imprisoned King Richard back. He also lived in constant fear of the barons, who had first given him the regency, but were now beginning to dispute his claim to the throne. Several of these barons had set out to collect the ransom that would release King Richard the Lionheart from his jail in Austria. Robin was invited to join the conspiracy in return for future amnesty. It was a dangerous proposition. Provincial banditry was one thing, court intrigue another. Prince John’s spies were everywhere. If the plan failed, the pursuit would be relentless and retribution swift. The sound of the supper horn startled Robin.

The other issue was the management problem due to the lack of discipline. As the band grew larger, their small bivouac became a major encampment. Between raids the men milled about, talking, and playing games. Vigilance was in decline, and discipline was becoming harder to enforce.

Lastly it is about the Robin Hood himself is lacking of power in management. Robin had often entertained the possibility of killing the Sheriff, but the chances for this seemed increasingly remote. Besides, while killing the Sheriff might satisfy his personal thirst for revenge, it would not improve the situation. Robin had hoped that the perpetual state of unrest, and the Sheriff’s failure to collect taxes, would lead to his removal from office. Instead, the Sheriff used his political connections to obtain reinforcement. He had powerful friends at court, and was well regarded by the regent, Prince John.

What I have learned in this case study is we should know how to handle our subordinate and plan carefully with a good mission. Then should know how to manage the task that needs to be done. But I personally think that our good intention is invaluable if the ways we perform is in the bad ways like Robin Hood.

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